Build an own SMS Gateway [closed]

Here’s How It Works

You >>> Forwarding Aggregator >>> SMS Aggregator >>> Mobile Operator >>> Mobile Company >>> Your Customer

3 Major Parties Are Involved in the Whole Process:

1. Mobile Operators: They Manage SMSC (Short Message Service Centers). AT&T, Sprint/NEXTEL, T-Mobile USA, U.S.Cellular and Verizon Wireless are few of the major mobile operators in the whole world. They have deep connections with all major mobile phone companies. Most of them have 800 to 950 telecommunication/mobile companies in their pannel. All of your messages came to them via SMS Aggregators and they forward them to reciever’s Mobile Company which send it to receiver in the end.

Cost of becoming a Mobile Operator: Billion Dollar Business if not Trillion.

2. SMS Aggregators: mBlox, air2web and motricity are few of them. They have deep connections with Mobile operators.

Cost of becoming SMS Aggregator: in Millions

3. Forwarding Aggregators/SMS Gateways: Clickatell, Twilio and esendex and few others are providing SMS Gateway APIs and most of the developers are using Clickatell to integrate its SMS API with their app. They charge different rates for different countries (NO FIXED RATE FOR ALL COUNTRIES). It would cost you rougly around $600-$700 for 100,000 messages (internationally).

Cost of becoming Forwarding Aggregator: May be in Millions

Bottom Line:
I’m working on a FREE solution but till today there are no FREE reliable solution in the whole world to send Bulk Messages for FREE internationally. So stop wasting your time on searching for a FREE solution. You have to come up with a new technology in order to achive this.

Though there are many options to send Bulk messages within your country for FREE or by spending little money but you simply can’t achieve this if you’re planning to send messages internationally.

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