“code .” is not working in on the command line for Visual Studio Code on OS X/Mac

1. Make sure you drag the Visual Studio Code application into the Applications folder

Otherwise (as noted in the comments), you’ll have to go through this process again after a reboot.

2. Next, open Visual Studio Code

Open the Command Palette via + + P and type shell command to find the Shell Command:

Use the Uninstall ‘code’ command in the PATH command before the “Install ‘code’ command in PATH” command.

![Command Palette

After executing the command, restart the terminal for the new $PATH
value to take effect. You’ll be able to simply type ‘code .’ in any
folder to start editing files in that folder. The “.” Simply means “current directory”

(Source: Visual Studio Code documentation)

Note: If you’re running a build based off the OSS repository, you will need to run code-oss . (Dzeimsas Zvirblis’ comment)

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