conditional execution (&& and ||) in powershell

2019: the Powershell team are considering adding support for && to Powershell – weigh in at this GitHub PR

Try this:

$(command -arg1 -arg2 | Out-Host;$?) -and $(command2 -arg1 | Out-Host;$?)

The $() is a subexpression allowing you to specify multiple statements within including a pipeline. Then execute the command and pipe to Out-Host so you can see it. The next statement (the actual output of the subexpression) should output $? i.e. the last command’s success result.

The $? works fine for native commands (console exe’s) but for cmdlets it leaves something to be desired. That is, $? only seems to return $false when a cmdlet encounters a terminating error. Seems like $? needs at least three states (failed, succeeded and partially succeeded). So if you’re using cmdlets, this works better:

$(command -arg1 -arg2 -ev err | Out-Host;!$err) -and 
$(command -arg1 -ev err | Out-Host;!$err)

This kind of blows still. Perhaps something like this would be better:

function ExecuteUntilError([scriptblock[]]$Scriptblock)
    foreach ($sb in $scriptblock)
        $prevErr = $error[0]
        . $sb
        if ($error[0] -ne $prevErr) { break }

ExecuteUntilError {command -arg1 -arg2},{command2-arg1}

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