Do I have to use atomic for “exit” bool variable?

Do I have to use atomic for “exit” bool variable?


Either use atomic<bool>, or use manual synchronization through (for instance) an std::mutex. Your program currently contains a data race, with one thread potentially reading a variable while another thread is writing it. This is Undefined Behavior.

Per Paragraph 1.10/21 of the C++11 Standard:

The execution of a program contains a data race if it contains two conflicting actions in different threads,
at least one of which is not atomic, and neither happens before the other. Any such data race results in
undefined behavior.

The definition of “conflicting” is given in Paragraph 1.10/4:

Two expression evaluations conflict if one of them modifies a memory location (1.7) and the other one
accesses or modifies the same memory location.

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