Do you leave parentheses in or out in Ruby? [closed]

From the Elements of Ruby Style

Ruby allows you to leave out parenthesis, in general, resist this

Parenthesis make the code easier to
follow. General Ruby style is to use
them, except in the following cases:

  • Always leave out empty parentheses
  • The parentheses can be left out of a single command that is surrounded by
    ERb delimiters — the ERb markers make
    sure the code is still readable
  • A line that is a single command and a single simple argument can be
    written without the parenthesis.
    Personally, I find that I do this less
    and less, but it’s still perfectly
    readable. I tend not to like single
    lines in regular ruby code that have
    multiple arguments and no parentheses.
  • A lot of Ruby-based Domain Specific Languages (such as Rake) don’t use
    parenthesis to preserve a more natural
    language feel to their statements.

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