Find connected components in a graph [closed]

Use depth-first search (DFS) to mark all individual connected components as visited:

dfs(node u)
  for each node v connected to u :
    if v is not visited :
      visited[v] = true

for each node u:
  if u is not visited :
    visited[u] = true
    connected_component += 1

The best way is to use this straightforward method which is linear time O(n).
Since you asked about the union-find algorithm:

for each node parent[node] = node  

for each node u :
   for each node v connected to u :  
       if findset(u)!=findset(v) :

**I assume you know about how findset and union works **  
for each node if (parent[node] == node)  
    connected_component += 1

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