How do I refer to another typescript type in comments/JSDoc?

You sure can, though your mileage may vary.

1: A use of @link in Selenium-Webdriver’s TypeScript typing file

 * Converts a level name or value to a {@link logging.Level} value.
 * If the name/value is not recognized, {@link logging.Level.ALL}
 * will be returned.
 * @param {(number|string)} nameOrValue The log level name, or value, to
 *     convert .
 * @return {!logging.Level} The converted level.
function getLevel(nameOrValue: string | number): Level;

2: Docs about @link in JSDoc

The following example shows all of the ways to provide link text for the {@link} tag:
Providing link text

 * See {@link MyClass} and [MyClass's foo property]{@link MyClass#foo}.
 * Also, check out {@link|Google} and
 * {@link GitHub}.
function myFunction() {}

By default, the example above produces output similar to the following:
Output for {@link} tags

See <a href="MyClass.html">MyClass</a> and <a 
href="MyClass.html#foo">MyClass's foo
property</a>. Also, check out <a 
href="">Google</a> and
<a href="">GitHub</a>.

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