How to capture arbitrary paths at one route in FastAPI?

Since FastAPI is based on Starlette, you can use what they call “converters” with your route parameters, using type path in this case, which “returns the rest of the path, including any additional / characers.”

See for reference.

If your react (or vue or …) app is using a base path, you can do something like this, which assigns anything after /my-app/ to the rest_of_path variable:

async def serve_my_app(request: Request, rest_of_path: str):
    print("rest_of_path: "+rest_of_path)
    return templates.TemplateResponse("index.html", {"request": request})

If you are not using a unique base path like /my-app/ (which seems to be your use case), you can still accomplish this with a catch-all route, which should go after any other routes so that it doesn’t overwrite them:

async def catch_all(request: Request, full_path: str):
    print("full_path: "+full_path)
    return templates.TemplateResponse("index.html", {"request": request})

(In fact you would want to use this catch-all regardless in order to catch the difference between requests for /my-app/ and /my-app)

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