How to create a List of ValueTuple?

You are looking for a syntax like this:

List<(int, string)> list = new List<(int, string)>();
list.Add((3, "first"));
list.Add((6, "second"));

You can use like that in your case:

List<(int, string)> Method() => 
    new List<(int, string)>
        (3, "first"),
        (6, "second")

You can also name the values before returning:

List<(int Foo, string Bar)> Method() =>

And you can receive the values while (re)naming them:

List<(int MyInteger, string MyString)> result = Method();
var firstTuple = result.First();
int i = firstTuple.MyInteger;
string s = firstTuple.MyString;

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