How to implement a Boolean search with multiple columns in pandas

You need to enclose multiple conditions in braces due to operator precedence and use the bitwise and (&) and or (|) operators:

foo = df[(df['column1']==value) | (df['columns2'] == 'b') | (df['column3'] == 'c')]

If you use and or or, then pandas is likely to moan that the comparison is ambiguous. In that case, it is unclear whether we are comparing every value in a series in the condition, and what does it mean if only 1 or all but 1 match the condition. That is why you should use the bitwise operators or the numpy np.all or np.any to specify the matching criteria.

There is also the query method:

but there are some limitations mainly to do with issues where there could be ambiguity between column names and index values.

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