How to iterate over a std::map full of strings in C++

Your main problem is that you are calling a method called first() in the iterator. What you are meant to do is use the property called first:

...append(iter->first) rather than ...append(iter->first())

As a matter of style, you shouldn’t be using new to create that string.

std::string something::toString() 
        std::map<std::string, std::string>::iterator iter;
        std::string strToReturn; //This is no longer on the heap

        for (iter = table.begin(); iter != table.end(); ++iter) {
           strToReturn.append(iter->first); //Not a method call
           // Make sure you don't modify table here or the iterators will not work as you expect
        return strToReturn;

edit: facildelembrar pointed out (in the comments) that in modern C++ you can now rewrite the loop

for (auto& item: table) {

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