How to make links in an embedded SVG file open in the main window, not in a separate object

First, if you embed SVG as <img>, browsers won’t open links, as well as they wont run scripts inside <img>, because, well, you embed an image, and very probably your image may appear inside an <a>, and you can’t put links inside links.

And to make links open in new tabs, you can use either the target attribute, like in HTML, or xlink-specific xlink:show attribute with the value new. The SVG spec says the following:

[xlink:show] attribute is provided for backwards compatibility with SVG 1.1. It provides documentation to XLink-aware processors. In case of a conflict, the target attribute has priority, since it can express a wider range of values.

And the values of the target attribute can be:

  • _replace
  • _self
  • _parent
  • _top
  • _blank

Thus, in your SVG you need to write as follows:

<a xlink:href="" target="_blank">[...]</a>

But currently all browsers capable of showing SVG support both xlink:show and target attributes (I haven’t tested in IE9 though).

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