How to set letter spacing of UITextField

No need to go for attributedText, which to be honest, was a mess implementing with modified spacing. As soon as I closed the keyboard the spacing disappeared, which prompted me to dig further.

Every UITextField has a property called defaultTextAttributes, which according to Apple “returns a dictionary of text attributes with default values.”. The Apple document also says that “this property applies the specified attributes to the entire text of the text field”

Just find a suitable place in your code, usually where the textfield is being initialized and then copy and paste the following.

Answered in Swift 3.0

textfield.defaultTextAttributes.updateValue(spacing, forKey: NSKernAttributeName)

where spacing is of CGFloat type. For example 2.0

This works for different fonts as well.


The latest syntax seems to be:

     forKey: NSAttributedString.Key.kern)

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