Image.fromarray just produces black image

Image.fromarray is poorly defined with floating-point input; it’s not well documented but the function assumes the input is laid-out as unsigned 8-bit integers.

To produce the output you’re trying to get, multiply by 255 and convert to uint8:

z = (z * 255).astype(np.uint8)

The reason it seems to work with the random array is that the bytes in this array, when interpreted as unsigned 8-bit integers, also look random. But the output is not the same random array as the input, which you can check by doing the above conversion on the random input:

zz = np.random.rand(size, size)
Image.fromarray(zz, mode="L").save('pic1.png')


Image.fromarray((zz * 255).astype('uint8'), mode="L").save('pic2.png')


Since the issue doesn’t seem to be reported anywhere, I reported it on github:

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