installed libtool but libtoolize not found

You typically need to use glibtool and glibtoolize, since libtool already exists on OS X as a binary tool for creating Mach-O dynamic libraries. So, that’s how MacPorts installs it, using a program name transform, though the port itself is still named ‘libtool’.

Some scripts (or their equivalent) will honor the LIBTOOL / LIBTOOLIZE environment variables. I have a line in my own scripts:

case `uname` in Darwin*) glibtoolize --copy ;;
  *) libtoolize --copy ;; esac

You may or may not want the --copy flag.

Note: If you’ve installed the autotools using MacPorts, a correctly written with files should only require autoreconf -fvi. It should call glibtoolize, etc., as expected. Otherwise, some packages will distribute an or similar script.

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