Is it OK to use a string as a lock object?

Locking on strings is discouraged, the main reason is that (because of string-interning) some other code could lock on the same string instance without you knowing this. Creating a potential for deadlock situations.

Now this is probably a far fetched scenario in most concrete situations. It’s more a general rule for libraries.

But on the other hand, what is the perceived benefit of strings?

So, point for point:

Are there any problems with this approach?

Yes, but mostly theoretical.

Is it OK to lock on a string object in this way, and are there any thread safety issues in using the HashSet?

The HashSet<> is not involved in the thread-safety as long as the threads only read concurrently.

Is it better to, for example, create a Dictionary that creates a new lock object for each string instance?

Yes. Just to be on the safe side. In a large system the main aim for avoiding deadlock is to keep the lock-objects as local and private as possible. Only a limited amount of code should be able to access them.

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