Is it possible to open integrated terminals from VS Code in a separate window?

Move terminals between windows

It’s now possible to move terminals between windows by detaching via
Terminal: Detach Session in one and attaching to another with
Terminal: Attach to Session. In the future this should help enable
cross-window drag and drop!

Lots of changes in v1.58:

For v1.59 moving the terminal changes – including dragging and dropping onto another window, see

Drag and drop terminals across windows

Drag terminals from the tabs
list or editor area of one window into the tabs list, editor area, or
panel of another window.

enter image description here

Terminals in the editor area

Terminals can now be created in or moved to the editor area, enabling a multi-dimensional grid layout that persists and remains visible regardless of panel state.

To use terminals in the editor area, there are several options:

Create via the Create Terminal in Editor Area command.
Move a terminal from the panel to the editor by dragging and dropping from the tabs list.
Running Move Terminal into Editor Area with a terminal focused.
Moving into the editor area via the terminal tab context menu action.

terminals in editors demo

The new terminal.integrated.defaultLocation setting can be set to editor to direct newly created terminals to the editor area by default.

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