C# string interpolation-escaping double quotes and curly braces

It seems that you have missed escape for the products and query objects: $@”{{ “”name””:””{taskName}””, “”products””: [ {{“”product””: “”ndvi_image””, “”actions””: [“”mapbox””, “”processed””]}}, {{“”product””: “”true_color””, “”actions””: [“”mapbox””, “”processed””]}} ], “”recurring””:true, “”query””: {{ “”date_from””: “”{dateFromString}””, “”date_to””: “”{dateToString}””, “”aoi””: {polygon} }}, “”aoi_coverage_percentage””:90 }}”;

Why doesn’t this “undefined extern variable” result in a linker error in C++17?

Because the variable isn’t odr-used. You have a constexpr if there that always discards the branch that could use it. One of the points of constexpr if is that the discarded branch need not even compile, only be well-formed. That’s how we can place calls to non-existing member functions in a discarded branch.

Flutter app slow

debug mode launch is slow blink when launch app size big. because debug mode with Hot reloads. when you create release apk https://flutter.io/docs/deployment/android you can find fast launch no blink during the launch app size small (but bigger than the normal android app) EDIT https://flutter.io/docs/testing/ui-performance#debug-flags Debug mode enables additional checks (such as asserts) that don’t … Read more