Flutter app slow

debug mode launch is slow blink when launch app size big. because debug mode with Hot reloads. when you create release apk https://flutter.io/docs/deployment/android you can find fast launch no blink during the launch app size small (but bigger than the normal android app) EDIT https://flutter.io/docs/testing/ui-performance#debug-flags Debug mode enables additional checks (such as asserts) that don’t … Read more

how can we use superscript and subscript text in flutter Text or RichText

You need to use Unicode. Here is the Unicode got from this answer: unicode_map = { # superscript subscript ‘0’ : (‘\u2070’, ‘\u2080’ ), ‘1’ : (‘\u00B9’, ‘\u2081’ ), ‘2’ : (‘\u00B2’, ‘\u2082’ ), ‘3’ : (‘\u00B3’, ‘\u2083’ ), ‘4’ : (‘\u2074’, ‘\u2084’ ), ‘5’ : (‘\u2075’, ‘\u2085’ ), ‘6’ : (‘\u2076’, ‘\u2086’ ), ‘7’ … Read more

What is the difference between Sink and Stream in Flutter?

Sink and Stream both are parts of the StreamController. You add a data to the StreamController using Sink which can be listened via the Stream. Example: final _user = StreamController<User>(); Sink get updateUser => _user.sink; Stream<User> get user => _user.stream; Usage: updateUser.add(yourUserObject); // This will add data to the stream. Whenever a data is added … Read more