Parsing boolean values with argparse

I think a more canonical way to do this is via:

command --feature


command --no-feature

argparse supports this version nicely:

Python 3.9+:

parser.add_argument('--feature', action=argparse.BooleanOptionalAction)

Python < 3.9:

parser.add_argument('--feature', action='store_true')
parser.add_argument('--no-feature', dest="feature", action='store_false')

Of course, if you really want the --arg <True|False> version, you could pass ast.literal_eval as the “type”, or a user defined function …

def t_or_f(arg):
    ua = str(arg).upper()
    if 'TRUE'.startswith(ua):
       return True
    elif 'FALSE'.startswith(ua):
       return False
       pass  #error condition maybe?

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