Reference an issue from a commit message in gitlab

There should be a way to reference a GitLab issue from a commit message, simply with #xx (id of the issue).
Consider “Default closing pattern value

For example the following commit message:

Awesome commit message

Fix #20, Fixes #21 and Closes group/otherproject#22.
This commit is also related to #17 and fixes #18, #19

will close #18, #19, #20, and #21 in the project this commit is pushed to, as well as #22 and #23 in group/otherproject.

#17 won’t be closed as it does not match the pattern.

It works with multi-line commit messages as well as one-liners when used with git commit -m.

See also “Tutorial: It’s all connected in GitLab

Add references in issue or merge request descriptions or in comments.
This will update the issue with info about anything related.

  • To reference an issue: #123
  • To reference a MR: !123
  • To reference a snippet $123

pierreb adds in the comments:

Although this is not specifically asked in the original question, it may be worth adding that one can also cross-reference a previous commit in a new commit message in Gitlab.
You do it by copying the hash from the commit message you want to reference and simply pasting it in the new commit message.
Something along these lines:

This is related with commit 7as7b101

You can see (much) more in:

Fr0zenFyr adds in the comments:

Similarly, even a closed issue can be referenced like Related to #78 and #93.

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