Reporting (free || open source) Alternatives to Crystal Reports in Winforms [closed]

I would suggest that you use the fyiReporting (Forked and Moved Now Current as of 2012) tool if you are looking to replace Crystal Reports. I have used both fyiReporting and Crystal and would have to say that I prefer fyiReporting(though their website is ghetto).

Reasons for choosing fyiReporting

  1. If you want to replace Crystal then you are used to having a Report designer. FyiReporting has its own GUI just like Crystal Reports for creating and running reports(You could just create and distribute reports without building an application).

  2. FyiReports allows you to export the Report as PDF, excel and mht(static web page) just to mention a few.

  3. FyiReports are xml based so the report definition can be saved in a database and altered at anytime.

  4. If you are using .Net FyiReporting has a Web and Windows Forms control for embedding the report in your applications(much like crystal reports). I am not so sure about Java as I am a .Net guy.

Anyway give FyiReports a try.

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