Setting and getting localStorage with jQuery

You said you are attempting to get the text from a div and store it on local storage.

Please Note: Text and Html are different. In the question you mentioned text. html() will return Html content like <a>example</a>. if you want to get Text content then you have to use text() instead of html() then the result will be example instead of <a>example<a>. Anyway, I am using your terminology let it be Text.

Step 1: get the text from div.

what you did is not get the text from div but set the text to a div.


is actually setting text to div and the output will be a jQuery object. That is why it sets it as [object Object].

To get the text you have to write like this

This will return a string not an object so the result will be Test in your case.

Step 2: set it to local storage.

Your approach is correct and you can write it as


But the preferred approach is

localStorage.setItem(key,value); to set

localStorage.getItem(key); to get.

key and value must be strings.

so in your context code will become

localStorage.content = $('#test').html();

But I don’t find any meaning in your code. Because you want to get the text from div and store it on local storage. And again you are reading the same from local storage and set to div. just like a=10; b=a; a=b;

If you are facing any other problems please update your question accordingly.

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