Solving random crashes

Try Valgrind (it’s free, open-source): The Valgrind distribution currently includes six production-quality tools: a memory error detector, two thread error detectors, a cache and branch-prediction profiler, a call-graph generating cache profiler, and a heap profiler. It also includes two experimental tools: a heap/stack/global array overrun detector, and a SimPoint basic block vector generator. It runs … Read more

Debugging SSIS Script task – Breakpoint is enabled but it does not hit

After more research and trial-error, found that the SSIS package ignores the breakpoints in a Script Task when debugging on a 64-bit machine. To fix it – Go to the Solution Explorer Right click your SSIS project node > Properties In Configuration Properties > Debugging > Debug Options > Set Run64BitRunTime to False. After making … Read more

Stop at the line where a variable gets changed

Currently pycharm does not have a default built-in feature that tracks variable modification in real time. Alternatively you can do this: run debug From debugger pane -> Variables, right click the variable you would like to track and and add it to Watches. In Watches pane, right click the variable and select referring objects. The … Read more

How to filter call stack in Eclipse debug view for Java

Preparation: You can use step filters as described here. Then whenever you step-debug through your code, it will not jump into excluded packages or classes, e.g. from the JDK or some frameworks like Hibernate or Spring. But this is just a prerequisite. Solution: The stacktrace still contains frames from those those packages. In order to … Read more

save data from visual studio memory window

user142207 has done a great job investigating VS internals, I recommend that solution. I have another way that was invented by my colleague, Sergey S., which is very useful: Windows: Use a couple of functions ReadProcessMemory/WriteProcessMemory. It needs a standalone app that calls these functions with a target process id like: dumper.exe <debugged process id> … Read more

Segfaults in malloc() and malloc_consolidate()

From Another possibility to check for and guard against bugs in the use of malloc, realloc and free is to set the environment variable MALLOC_CHECK_. When MALLOC_CHECK_ is set, a special (less efficient) implementation is used which is designed to be tolerant against simple errors, such as double calls of free with the same … Read more