LastPass Chrome extension throwing error and preventing click events

[Uplifted from my comment on suggestion of Muhamed Cicak and to draw more prominence.] Lastpass has a ‘Never URLs’ option on the account admin page where you can tell it to ignore a URL – useful if you want Lastpass awake but not start interfering with your forms. To access it: Open your Lastpass vault … Read more

Is there a way to add MRU tab selection via CTRL+TAB to Google Chrome? [closed]

Yes, there is a perfectly working solution. This extension Tab Thumbnails Switcher can redefine Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to select tabs in MRU order the same way you swich between programs with Alt+Tab in Windows. The best part is that the tab selector box is implemented natively, so it doesn’t need to inject javascript on each … Read more

Rendering WebGL image in headless chrome without a GPU

There’s an open bug which affects systems without X11 libraries: It prevents Chrome OS from running with SwiftShader, but the same issue would also happen on a headless Linux system which has no X11 support. Fortunately it should be feasible to install X11 and get things running. I’m not 100% sure which packages provide … Read more

How to programmatically open a chrome extension popup window from background.html

It is impossible to get the extension window to open without a user clicking on it… However, you can get the extension popup page to open in a new tab as follows: 1) Set your background page in your manifest file… “background_page”: “background.html”, This is where you will run the code to see whether the … Read more