How to make a sticky footer in react?

Here’s an idea (sandbox example link). Include a phantom div in your footer component that represents the footer’s position that other dom elements will respect (i.e. affecting page flow by not being position: ‘fixed’;). var style = { backgroundColor: “#F8F8F8”, borderTop: “1px solid #E7E7E7”, textAlign: “center”, padding: “20px”, position: “fixed”, left: “0”, bottom: “0”, height: …

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React conditionally render based on viewport size

Perhaps I am suppposed to work it with ComponentWillMount or ComponentDidMount Yes, you need to listen for resize event and update internal state on change. You can do it by adding event handler when component mounts. Try full example here. class App extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props); this.state = { isDesktop: false //This is …

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I can’t reference an image in Next.js

From Next.js v11 onwards, you can do what you were doing without any additional config: import macbookIphone from ‘../../assets/images/mac-iphone.jpg’; <Image src={macbookIphone} /> // or <img src={macbookIphone.src} /> Ref: next/image For earlier versions if you wish to import images instead of putting them in public directory, then you can configure file-loader or url-loader.

Root Navlink always get active class React Router Dom

You have to use isActive={} to add additional verification to ensure whether the link is active. document Working jsFiddle. (fiddle is not created by me) Code you need to add is like below Example in jsfiddle <li><NavLink to=”” isActive={checkActive}>Home</NavLink></li> Change in your code <li> <NavLink to=”” activeClassName=”active-link” isActive={checkActive}>Home</NavLink> </li> check the isActive prop and “checkActive” …

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How to retrieve a list of all market pairs like ETH/BTC using Binance API?

You are looking for the /exchangeInfo public endpoint. See more at : Exchange information GET /api/v1/exchangeInfo Current exchange trading rules and symbol information Resulting symbols array of all coin pairs: … “symbols”: [{ “symbol”: “ETHBTC”, “status”: “TRADING”, “baseAsset”: “ETH”, “baseAssetPrecision”: 8, “quoteAsset”: “BTC”, “quotePrecision”: 8, “orderTypes”: [ // These are defined in the `ENUM …

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How do I change the background color of the body?

The simplest solution is a bit hacky, but you can use raw javascript to modify the body style:”background: red;”; // Or with CSS document.body.classList.add(‘background-red’); A cleaner solution could be to use a head manager like react-helmet or next.js Head component. import React from ‘react’; import {Helmet} from ‘react-helmet’; class Application extends React.Component { render …

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