TensorFlow: numpy.repeat() alternative

You can achieve the effect of np.repeat() using a combination of tf.tile() and tf.reshape():

idx = tf.range(len(yp))
idx = tf.reshape(idx, [-1, 1])    # Convert to a len(yp) x 1 matrix.
idx = tf.tile(idx, [1, len(yp)])  # Create multiple columns.
idx = tf.reshape(idx, [-1])       # Convert back to a vector.

You can simply compute jdx using tf.tile():

jdx = tf.range(len(yp))
jdx = tf.tile(jdx, [len(yp)])

For the indexing, you could try using tf.gather() to extract non-contiguous slices from the yp tensor:

s = tf.gather(yp, idx) - tf.gather(yp, jdx)

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