Throw a RuntimeException when invoking an unstubbed method

You can set a default answer for a mock. All methods that aren’t stubbed will use this default answer.

public void testUnstubbedException() {
    // Create a mock with all methods throwing a RuntimeException by default
    SomeClass someClass = mock( SomeClass .class, new RuntimeExceptionAnswer() );

    doReturn(1).when(someClass).getId(); // Must use doReturn

    int id = someClass.getId(); // Will return 1

    someClass.unstubbedMethod(); // Will throw RuntimeException

public static class RuntimeExceptionAnswer implements Answer<Object> {

    public Object answer( InvocationOnMock invocation ) throws Throwable {
        throw new RuntimeException ( invocation.getMethod().getName() + " is not stubbed" );


Note that you cannot use when with this functionality, since the method is called before when (How does mockito when() invocation work?) and it will throw a RuntimeException before the mock goes into stubbing mode.

Therefore, you must use doReturn for this to work.

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