Are ActiveX Controls Disabled?

From other forums, I have learned that it is due to the MS Update and that a good fix is to simply delete the file MSForms.exd from any Temp subfolder in the user’s profile. For instance: C:\Users\[]\AppData\Local\Temp\Excel8.0\MSForms.exd C:\Users\[]\AppData\Local\Temp\VBE\MSForms.exd C:\Users\[]\AppData\Local\Temp\Word8.0\MSForms.exd Of course the application (Excel, Word…) must be closed in order to delete this file.

Setting Column width in Apache POI

Unfortunately there is only the function setColumnWidth(int columnIndex, int width) from class Sheet; in which width is a number of characters in the standard font (first font in the workbook) if your fonts are changing you cannot use it. There is explained how to calculate the width in function of a font size. The formula …

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Using a UDF in Excel to update the worksheet

Posting a response so I can mark my own “question” as having an answer. I’ve seen other workarounds, but this seems simpler and I’m surprised it works at all. Sub ChangeIt(c1 As Range, c2 As Range) c1.Value = c2.Value c1.Interior.Color = IIf(c1.Value > 10, vbRed, vbYellow) End Sub ‘######## run as a UDF, this actually …

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How to create a GUID in Excel?

As of modern version of Excel, there’s the syntax with commas, not semicolons. I’m posting this answer for convenience of others so they don’t have to replace the strings- We’re all lazy… hrmp… human, right? =CONCATENATE(DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0,4294967295),8),”-“,DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0,65535),4),”-“,DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0,65535),4),”-“,DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0,65535),4),”-“,DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0,4294967295),8),DEC2HEX(RANDBETWEEN(0,65535),4)) Or, if you like me dislike when a guid screams and shouts and you, we can go lower-cased like …

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