What are your pros and cons of git after having used it? [closed]

I don’t have a lot of experience with git, but:


  • It’s really quick
  • Local commits rock
  • Quick to start a new repository (no configuration etc)
  • github is easy to use

(I haven’t really “needed” the distributed side of things yet, beyond being able to have a local repository and push to a public one.)


  • Windows support is still lagging behind, I believe – and you can’t just use it from a normal command prompt
  • Lack of IDE and Explorer integration
  • It took me a while to find a good introductory text along the lines of the redbean book.
  • The fact that “adding” a changed file only adds the contents at that point of time (so it can show up as staged for commit and still have modifications which require another git add) took a while to grasp

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