Write text on an image in C#

To draw multiple strings, call graphics.DrawString multiple times. You can specify the location of the drawn string. This example we will draw two strings “Hello”, “Word” (“Hello” in blue color upfront “Word” in red color):

string firstText = "Hello";
string secondText = "World";

PointF firstLocation = new PointF(10f, 10f);
PointF secondLocation = new PointF(10f, 50f);

string imageFilePath = @"path\picture.bmp"
Bitmap bitmap = (Bitmap)Image.FromFile(imageFilePath);//load the image file

using(Graphics graphics = Graphics.FromImage(bitmap))
    using (Font arialFont =  new Font("Arial", 10))
        graphics.DrawString(firstText, arialFont, Brushes.Blue, firstLocation);
        graphics.DrawString(secondText, arialFont, Brushes.Red, secondLocation);

bitmap.Save(imageFilePath);//save the image file

Edit: “I Add a load and save code”.

You can open the bitmap file any time Image.FromFile, and draw a new text on it using the above code. and then save the image file bitmap.Save

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