How to delete a specific line in a text file using Python?

First, open the file and get all your lines from the file. Then reopen the file in write mode and write your lines back, except for the line you want to delete: with open(“yourfile.txt”, “r”) as f: lines = f.readlines() with open(“yourfile.txt”, “w”) as f: for line in lines: if line.strip(“\n”) != “nickname_to_delete”: f.write(line) You …

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How can I avoid issues caused by Python’s early-bound default parameters (e.g. mutable default arguments “remembering” old data)?

def my_func(working_list=None): if working_list is None: working_list = [] # alternative: # working_list = [] if working_list is None else working_list working_list.append(“a”) print(working_list) The docs say you should use None as the default and explicitly test for it in the body of the function.