Can I run Chrome Beta side by side with regular Chrome? [closed]

Yup, you can do this as long as you’re okay keeping the profiles for your beta and stable separate.

These instructions below are for Mac, but you can probably work out the Windows equivalents.

  • Download the Beta.
  • Extract the app to Downloads
  • Rename the beta app to Google Chrome and move into Applications folder.
  • Run this in terminal:
    • /Applications/Google\ Chrome\\ Chrome --user-data-dir=/Users/$USER/chromebetaprofile
    • The path after –user-data-dir= is where your profile for Chrome Beta will live. Move it somewhere else if you like, but use an absolute path (~ doesn’t work here).
  • You are now running Chrome Beta side by side with stable.
  • Optional: If you’d like to avoid going to the command line, you can make an .app with the user-data-dir baked in with appify or the Appify-UI

Now to get a nice icon to differentiate:

Aw yeah. Canary, Beta, Stable in peace and harmony:

enter image description here

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