Forcing garbage collection in Google Chrome

You can fetch code of Chrome Dev Tools, modify it so that ProfilerAgent.collectGarbage(); is called every now and then (it’s a code that is called when you click ‘Collect Garbage’ button on the Timeline panel) and run Chrome with your version of DevTools using --debug-devtools-frontend flag.

However, this solution is quite extreme, try it only when you get really desperate. Till then, I propose profiling your application and checking out why v8 decides not to clean the garbage (or can’t clean the garbage). Timeline panel of DevTools will help you out with this. Start with checking if ‘Collect Garbage’ button at the bottom of this panel really does its job, if not – you probably have a memory leak (at least, according to v8). If so, try leak-finder-for-javascript.

[EDIT] I removed info about chrome extension, as it turns out that gc() can be called from webpage code when --js-flags="--expose-gc" is used. At least on my 23.0.1271.64.

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