How can I test binary file uploading with django-rest-framework’s test client?

When testing file uploads, you should pass the stream object into the request, not the data.

This was pointed out in the comments by @arocks

Pass { ‘image’: file} instead

But that didn’t full explain why it was needed (and also didn’t match the question). For this specific question, you should be doing

from PIL import Image

class TestFileUpload(APITestCase):

    def test_file_is_accepted(self):

        image ='RGB', (100, 100))

        tmp_file = tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile(suffix='.jpg')

        response ='my_url', {'image': tmp_file}, format="multipart")

       self.assertEqual(status.HTTP_201_CREATED, response.status_code)

This will match a standard Django request, where the file is passed in as a stream object, and Django REST Framework handles it. When you just pass in the file data, Django and Django REST Framework interpret it as a string, which causes issues because it is expecting a stream.

And for those coming here looking to another common error, why file uploads just won’t work but normal form data will: make sure to set format="multipart" when creating the request.

This also gives a similar issue, and was pointed out by @RobinElvin in the comments

It was because I was missing format=”multipart”

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