How to deploy flutter web on server?


To create a production build for web, you can now directly run flutter build web command similar to other platforms (android and ios)
and you will see build/web folder generated with the assets folder and you can simply deploy it on your server.


[OLD ANSWER STEP 1 & 2 No longer required ]

you need to do a production build by using a webdev tool,
To install webdev you need a pub tool.

  1. so go to the location where you have dart SDK installed and inside the bin folder you should have a pub batch file. You need to provide the bin folder’s path to the environment variable in order to use pub from cmd.

  2. open cmd/terminal run the below command to install webdev

    pub global activate webdev

  3. now go to the root folder of your project and do a build in release mode

    flutter build web

  4. you should see a build folder (/build/web) in the root directory, just copy that folder and host it on a web server.

I used the same way to deploy it to GitHub pages here’s how in detail guide.

Some useful links:

Here’s the running flutterweb app

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