How to reset selected file with input tag file type in Angular 2?

You can use ViewChild to access the input in your component. First, you need to add #someValue to your input so you can read it in the component:

<input #myInput type="file" placeholder="File Name" name="filename" (change)="onChange($event)">

Then in your component you need to import ViewChild from @angular/core:

import { ViewChild } from '@angular/core';

Then you use ViewChild to access the input from template:

myInputVariable: ElementRef;

Now you can use myInputVariable to reset the selected file because it’s a reference to input with #myInput, for example create method reset() that will be called on click event of your button:

reset() {
    this.myInputVariable.nativeElement.value = "";

First console.log will print the file you selected, second console.log will print an empty array because this.myInputVariable.nativeElement.value = ""; deletes selected file(s) from the input. We have to use this.myInputVariable.nativeElement.value = ""; to reset the value of the input because input’s FileList attribute is readonly, so it is impossible to just remove item from array. Here’s working Plunker.

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