unresolved external symbol __imp__fprintf and __imp____iob_func, SDL2

I have finally figured out why this is happening !

In visual studio 2015, stdin, stderr, stdout are defined as follow :

#define stdin  (__acrt_iob_func(0))
#define stdout (__acrt_iob_func(1))
#define stderr (__acrt_iob_func(2))

But previously, they were defined as:

#define stdin  (&__iob_func()[0])
#define stdout (&__iob_func()[1])
#define stderr (&__iob_func()[2])

So now __iob_func is not defined anymore which leads to a link error when using a .lib file compiled with previous versions of visual studio.

To solve the issue, you can try defining __iob_func() yourself which should return an array containing {*stdin,*stdout,*stderr}.

Regarding the other link errors about stdio functions (in my case it was sprintf()), you can add legacy_stdio_definitions.lib to your linker options.

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