Moving the instruction pointer while debugging Java in Eclipse

This is possible…

Drop to frame – When stepping through your code, you might occasionally step too far, or step over a line you meant to step into.
Rather than restarting your debug session, you can use the Drop to
Frame action to quickly go back to the beginning of a method. Select
the stack frame corresponding to the Java method you wish to restart,
and select Drop to Frame from Debug view toolbar or the stack frame’s
context menu. The current instruction pointer will be reset to the
first executable statement in the method. This works for non-top stack
frames as well.

Note that Drop to frame is only available when debugging with a 1.4 or
higher VM, or the J9 VM. There are some situations where a JVM may be
unable to pop the desired frames from the stack. For example, it is
generally impossible to drop to the bottom frame of the stack or to
any frame below a native method.

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