Network throttling with chrome and selenium

The API to control network emulation were added to ChromeDriver. And should be available for quite a while now. According to comment in the linked issue you should use version at least 2.26 because of some bugfix.

According to Selenium changelog bindings are available for these languages:

  • JavaScript as of version 3.4.0 (commit)
  • Python as of version 3.5.0 (commit)
  • Ruby as of version 3.11.0 (commit)
  • C# as of version 4 (commit)

If you need these binding in other languages you should probably open issue/contribute implementation similar to one of the above.

Example usage from Python is below:

    latency=5,  # additional latency (ms)
    download_throughput=500 * 1024,  # maximal throughput
    upload_throughput=500 * 1024)  # maximal throughput

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