Get week start date (Monday) from a date column in Python (pandas)?

Another alternative: df[‘week_start’] = df[‘myday’].dt.to_period(‘W’).apply(lambda r: r.start_time) This will set ‘week_start’ to be the first Monday before the time in ‘myday’. You can choose different week starts via anchored offsets e.g. ’W-THU’ to start the week on Thursday instead. (Thanks @Henry Ecker for that suggestion)

Typescript: Type ‘string’ is not assignable to type ‘”numeric” | “2-digit”‘ in Date::toLocaleDateString()

When you initialize a class property with a literal such as public foo = { bar: ‘a’ }, its type becomes { bar: string }, even if you declare it as readonly. TypeScript on purpose doesn’t make the type too strict ({ bar: ‘a’ }). Method toLocaleDateString accepts an object whose key year must be … Read more

How to convert “1985-02-07T00:00:00.000Z” (ISO8601) to a date value in Oracle?

to_date converts the input to a DATE type which does not support fractional seconds. To use fractional seconds you need to use a TIMESTAMP type which is created when using to_timestamp pst’s comment about the ff3 modifier is also correct. “Constant” values in the format mask need to be enclosed in double quote So the … Read more