How to define entry point for react native app

if you are using Expo, you have to specify the entrypoint in your app.json file like this: { “expo”: { “entryPoint”: “./src/app/index.js” } } then, inside that file you need to register the app with Expo.registerRootComponent(YOUR_MAIN_APP_COMPONENT) import Expo from ‘expo’ … class App extends Component { … } export default Expo.registerRootComponent(App); this way you can … Read more

How to scroll to bottom of React Native ListView

As of React Native 0.41 both ListView and ScrollView have scrollToEnd() methods. ListView‘s is documented at You’ll need to use a ref to store a reference to your ListView when you render it: <ListView dataSource={yourDataSource} renderRow={yourRenderingCallback} ref={listView => { this.listView = listView; }} </ListView> Then, you can just call this.listView.scrollToEnd() to scroll to the … Read more

const App: () => React$Node = () => {…}: what does it mean this instruction?

Its type definition from Flow, it means that constant App is of type function and it returns ReactNode. ReactNode is one of these types: ReactChild | ReactFragment | ReactPortal | boolean | null | undefined This means the function App can return, any valid JSX (in react native its anything from View, Text, .etc), ReactFragment, … Read more