Debugging SSIS Script task – Breakpoint is enabled but it does not hit

After more research and trial-error, found that the SSIS package ignores the breakpoints in a Script Task when debugging on a 64-bit machine. To fix it – Go to the Solution Explorer Right click your SSIS project node > Properties In Configuration Properties > Debugging > Debug Options > Set Run64BitRunTime to False. After making … Read more

nginx. Test which location used to process request

If you just want to see which block was used, and don’t care about returning otherwise valid results, it might be more straight-forward to use return rather than add_header. location / { return 200 ‘location 1’; } location ~ /(\w+\-)\.html { return 200 ‘location 2’; } location @named { return 200 ‘location named’; }

What flags to set for GFORTRAN compiler to catch faulty code?

Bare minimum -Og/-O0 -O0 basically tells the compiler to make no optimisations. Optimiser can remove some local variables, merge some code blocks, etc. and as an outcome it can make debugging unpredictable. The price for -O0 option is very slow code execution, but starting from version 4.8 GCC compilers (including the Fortran one) accept a … Read more

What is the current workflow to debug Travis builds locally?

One way to inspect the build (not to debug, sorry) is to send the build logs to another server on failure. Here is an example: after_failure – sudo tar -czf /tmp/build-${TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER}-logs.tgz your-application-logs/ – scp /tmp/build-${TRAVIS_BUILD_NUMBER}-logs.tgz You could send them via email, store them on a storage server or whatever. These logs would be useful … Read more