How to change git repository using android studio

We can change the repository url. Just follow the steps. In Android Studio Arctic Fox | 2020.3.1 Right click on project folder From menu Choose “Git” Then chosse “Manage Remotes…” Now, select the existing “origin” and click on edit Enter your new URL and click OK For Android Studio Older versions Right click on project … Read more

pushing to git remote branch

As Abizern says, this works: git push origin mybranch But, to explain further, the mybranch part is a refspec. This specifies the remote ref which should be updated with the given local commit. So, the command above is equivalent to: git push origin mybranch:mybranch or even: git push origin mybranch:refs/heads/mybranch and, indeed, since you’re on … Read more

Git rebase failing

You can run git rebase –abort to completely undo the rebase. Git will return you to your branch’s state as it was before git rebase was called. You can run git rebase –skip to completely skip the commit. That means that none of the changes introduced by the problematic commit will be included. It is … Read more

Github pull request shows wrong diff

Despite the misleading/broken github interface there’s actually a way to get what you want. You need to drop one . Instead of:…branchB do This compares branch heads instead of simply using the base branch to find the merge base. github’s reponse is what clued me in from @edwin-evans’ response: This is a result … Read more