jQuery AJAX request failing in IE

Fixed, I changed the content-type from application/json; charset=utf8 to just plain application/json. I hate IE 🙂 Also to avoid IE super-caching try this: var d = new Date(); $.ajax({ url:”{{SITE_URL}}/content/twitter.json?_=”+d.getTime(), …Snip… That way each request is a new url for IE to get 😀

How to convert JSON text into objects using C# [duplicate]

To create a class off a json string, copy the string. In Visual Studio, in the menu at the top, click Edit > Paste special > Paste Json as classes. Install Newtonsoft.Json via Nuget Paste the following code into your project, “jsonString” being the variable you want to deserialize : Rootobject r = Newtonsoft.Json.JsonConvert.DeserializeObject<Rootobject>(jsonString); Don’t …

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gson invoking standard deserialization in custom deserializer

You can do that by implementing custom TypeAdapterFactory for your object (say CustomClass.class) to be deserialized as below. public class CustomTypeAdapterFactory implements TypeAdapterFactory { public final TypeAdapter create(Gson gson, TypeToken type) { return new TypeAdapter() { @Override public void write(JsonWriter out, Object value) throws IOException { JsonElement tree = delegate.toJsonTree(value); //add code for writing object …

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