How to make IntelliJ IDEA recognise code created by macros?

With the latest Scala plugin build, there is an API which can be used to write your own plugin to support your macros: Now, everyone can use this API to make their macros more friendly to their favorite IDE. To do that, you have to implement SyntheticMembersInjector, and register it in the plugin.xml file: … Read more

Non-static method cannot be referenced from a static context in java 8 streams

First it should be noted, that the message is issued not by java compiler (javac), but by IntelliJ IDEA. You can see javac messages in “Messages Build” window when you actually launch a build process. What you see in editor window is messages generated by IDEA itself and they could differ. The error message is … Read more

IntelliJ IDEA: How can I create an exception breakpoint that stops on all exceptions *except for* ClassNotFoundException? [duplicate]

This answer is almost the same as that of Mindas, but the details were enough for me to ignore his suggestion the first time around, and bother the Intellij support guys/girls (thanks Serge and Eugene): Open the ‘Breakpoints’ window and go to the ‘Exception Breakpoints’ tab Highlight and activate the ‘Any exception’ breakpoint Activate only … Read more