Delete multiple object properties?

ES6 provides an elegant solution to this: Rest in Object Destructuring: let { a, b, …rest } = { a: 10, b: 20, c: 30, d: 40 }; console.log(rest); // { c: 30, d: 40 } Note that this doesn’t mutate the original object, but some folks might still find this useful. Ref:

Inheriting methods’ docstrings in Python

This is a variation on Paul McGuire’s DocStringInheritor metaclass. It inherits a parent member’s docstring if the child member’s docstring is empty. It inherits a parent class docstring if the child class docstring is empty. It can inherit the docstring from any class in any of the base classes’s MROs, just like regular attribute inheritance. …

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JavaScript: The Good Parts – How to not use `new` at all

Crockford gives an example for an object creation function as should have been provided by JS itself in one of his Javascript talks available on However, the YUI(3) team itself uses “new”, and they DO follow his recommendations (since he’s the Yahoo chief JS architect (UPDATE: he moved on, but the statement was true …

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