Shared library in containers

Actually, processes A & B that use a shared library can share the same memory. Somewhat un-intuitively it depends on which docker storage driver you’re using. If you use a storage driver that can expose the shared library files as originating from the same device/inode when they reside in the same docker layer then … Read more

How to run a pulled images – docker

There isnt any image with tag “latest” Try running using the tag “dab-1.1.0slim” docker run Or else you could run the docker image using image id docker run -i -t f994713b61cb for more info on docker run command check out

When I use Deployment in Kubernetes, what’s the differences between apps/v1beta1 and extensions/v1beta1?

The apps API group will be where the v1 Deployment type lives. The apps/v1beta1 version was added in 1.6.0, so if you have a 1.5.x client or server, you should still use the extensions/v1beta1 version. The apps/v1beta1 and extensions/v1beta1 Deployment types are identical, but when creating via the apps API, some improved defaults are used

VS Code: connect a docker container in a remote server

I resolved this problem by switching to the remote server’s Docker context on my local machine: docker context create some-context-label –docker “host=ssh://user@remote_server_ip” docker context use some-context-label docker ps # A list of remote containers on my local machine! It works! After that: Connect via Remote-SSH to the container server Right click relevant container -> the … Read more

Intentionally removing volumes in override docker-compose files

I’m assuming you want to use docker-compose up to start the development version, and have a second config file to extend it for production. If you want to make sure to override volumes completely, use a third config file, docker-compose.override.yml. Put all your volume definitions for development in there. docker-compose up extends the base config … Read more

How can I run containers detached and have them automatically removed when they exit?

Currently (Docker v1.1.1), this functionality isn’t supported. The developer of the –rm feature explains the reasons for that in his PR #1589: It’s currently supported only when -d isn’t provided. It doesn’t make sense to automatically remove a container created via docker run -d. There are two reasons why this is implemented this way: 1) … Read more

How to see docker build “RUN command” stdout? (docker for windows)

Reading through When using BuildKit with Docker, how do I see the output of RUN commands? the reason for the changed output format is that instead of the “classic” docker build a new feature named “buildkit” is now being used instead. Method 1 (taken from above questions answers) Use docker build –progress=plain . to see … Read more