How to use “continue” in groovy’s each loop

Either use return, as the closure basically is a method that is called with each element as parameter like def myObj = [“Hello”, “World!”, “How”, “Are”, “You”] myList.each{ myObj-> if(myObj==null){ return } println(“My Object is ” + myObj) } Or switch your pattern to def myObj = [“Hello”, “World!”, “How”, “Are”, “You”] myList.each{ myObj-> if(myObj!=null){ … Read more

How to loop through array in batch?

Another Alternative using defined and a loop that doesn’t require delayed expansion: set Arr[0]=apple set Arr[1]=banana set Arr[2]=cherry set Arr[3]=donut set “x=0” :SymLoop if defined Arr[%x%] ( call echo %%Arr[%x%]%% set /a “x+=1″ GOTO :SymLoop ) Be sure you use “call echo” as echo won’t work unless you have delayedexpansion and use ! instead of … Read more