For loop – like Python range function

Java 8 (2014) has added IntStream (similar to apache commons IntRange), so you don’t need external lib now. import; IntStream.range(0, 3).forEachOrdered(n -> { System.out.println(n); }); forEach can be used in place of forEachOrdered too if order is not important. IntStream.range(0, 3).parallel() can be used for loops to run in parallel

Build Dictionary in Python Loop – List and Dictionary Comprehensions

The short form is as follows (called dict comprehension, as analogy to the list comprehension, set comprehension etc.): x = { row.SITE_NAME : row.LOOKUP_TABLE for row in cursor } so in general given some _container with some kind of elements and a function _value which for a given element returns the value that you want …

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